To make enormous profits you need an amazing strategy and clear vision to do so, but what about the fact that we are never sure about our strategy will work exactly as expected by us and we may not get what we anticipated, be it increase in market share, profit maximization and such. So what can be done to precisely hit the nail on the head?

As for making marketing strategies, the list is endless! But here’s the crux to make it all better. With the likes of Youtube and Instagram videos seem to be a popular marketing strategy. The bright lights and catchy tunes on these videos attract the human eye more than a long boring article in a magazine. This is due to the fact that we humans tend to be more inclined towards visuals than just text. Videos can be used to advertise/promote your company and also the range of products right down to your service charters and that too in a very interesting and appealing manner.

Use of short videos as a marketing strategy is becoming a trend setter. This wave has hit hardest with trends all over the world. With its highly compelling creative visuals and mesmerizing way of portraying a message, it is quickly becoming a game changer.

We here at Nisva Productions, offer a range of video marketing solutions which are best suitable to your company’s marketing objectives. We, not only, provide videos so good to be viewed by a lot of viewers but also fulfilling solutions to best serve your business’ objective from an explainer video. With our team of video experts, you get to the top cream services. Our esteemed service charter is a force to reckon! Once you start using our services, you’d prefer to walk the same path, as the results you achieve will be really satisfactory.

Here are some of the categories of video products we offer:

  1. Simple Explainer videos

Explainer videos act as an elevation pitch to defining your product. It usually takes one to three minutes. This video will make sure your message is conveyed clearly, and action you intend the viewer to take next is built right in.

  1. Marketing videos

These are videos that help you in the advertising of your products and services to your customers or simply in the branding of your company’s image. The aim is to position your company and product/service offered, in a best possible way.

  1. Promotional videos

These videos are meant to promote your product or service by making distinctive points about it to let it stand out from the rest of the competition. These videos are intended to portray your product in such a way it’s irresistible and deeply fullfilling to customers’ needs.

  1. Start-up firm videos:

Every startup firstly aims at making its identity recognizable and impressive in the competitive market. These videos best suits this purpose of positioning your brand and its offerings. They simply echo out your business plan in a visual and audio way.

  1. Increasing sales videos

An efficient means to portray your offering in a desirable way, as in, these videos are quite similar to marketing and promotion videos but only this time with an extra oomph! They target increase in sales of your product.

  1. Visibility Gaining videos

These are videos you can use as an advertising tool to increase your presence in the market by making the public aware of your very own existence as a company. They are meant to launch that first image or brand to your target market.

  1. Educational videos

To educate your customers about a service, functionality of a product, a tricky process and so forth is what these videos do in a very comprehending manner. They use catchy phrases like how to, did you know and such. They are supposed to enlighten your user on the kind of services or products you offer. How beneficial are they to their life?

  1. Building trust videos

In order to establish trustyworthiness with your audience you need to show them your genuinity and reliability which is the focused intent of these videos. This will help improve your customer relations and help you to be better at CRM.

Stay tuned to get the best out of your company by means of a video which can break the ice to take you to the next level.


-Written by
Jaydeep Sodhi
Marketing head,Nisva Productions

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